Winga Wonga!  This site is about  Neslort, Neslorchestra and the music of Rick Trolsen,  Find information here on the bands that Rick leads, the music he has composed, the special projects in which he is involved as well as the story of Rick and his music.

Neslort is organic alternative jazz / rock featuring the compositions of trombone wizard, Rick Trolsen. We know that four dimensions make up the space-time continuum.  If music is the fifth, then the realm of thought which brought us the band Neslort is an example of the sixth.   This musical group is so essential to Rick’s inner vision that savvy music lovers will notice: Trolsen is Neslort spelled backwards.  Astronomers know of stars that shine blindingly bright which then retreat to gather energy for the next appearance.  That surely is true also of Neslort across its 25 year history which includes three albums and multiple appearances at the hippest New Orleans music festivals and venues.  Now the Star of Neslort has returned in its boldest and brightest apparition to date as Neslorchestra.

Starting in 2018, Neslort has not only been reborn but also is the inspiration for an exciting new 17 piece ensemble known as  Neslorchestra.  For more news on this latest and greatest gathering of Primordial Fusionists, please follow this link to the Neslorchestra page

Within his compositions for Neslort (and Neslorchestra) Rick brings home all influences from a life spent in the modern jazz, rock and funk era.  There is Big Band and Bebop in there, and yes, also Zappa.  The music includes symphonic, intricately composed layers.  Add to the blender a few Eastern European Folk tunes plus a dash of Circus music.  And all those genres are underscored by a 21st century combination of both purposed and improvised jazz defined as Primordial Fusion.

The best way to “get” Neslort is to experience Rick compositions live as total aural immersion. The music is fun, exhilarating, challenging, and new. It’s certainly not meant to be background music!


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