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Off to the Manufacturer!

Mystical Scam, our new CD dedicated to all of the organizations, religious or not, that promise us wealth, health, happiness, 20 virgins awaiting us in heaven after we kill 3000 people and the such… is in printing now! Our projected release will be in October.

The 10 songs recorded are killing!

Stay tuned for further news.

New Neslort Recording in post production!

That’s right folks, we finally got into the studio. 3 days of recording, trying our best NOT to get it perfect, very little makeup was applied. We like it raw, like our oysters, eerrp, well, like we used to like them. Included on the CD will be some video of us performing. So right now, we’re putting the package together. Lot’s of team work going on, Rick Olivier on the still photos, Richard Thompson on the video, Misha Kachkachishvili engineering the sound, and my favorite “Threadhead,” Michael Tomb on the CD design. Me??? I’m working nights washing windows at the Entergy building trying to pay all this off! At least it’s cool way up there!

OK, so I have started “blogging.” Let’s see how much bullshit I can come up with as time marches on. Oh, by the way, is it ok to use “naughty” words in one’s own blog? I hope the fuck so, cause if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s censorship. And that’s a subject I will address in my next blog. There’s a soapbox I will willingly stand on!

I hope someone actually reads this…..or not.

I will close with this bit of wisdom…..SECURITY BREEDS INSECURITY!

Neslort – The Unveiling

I believe I heard the best band in my life last night! I was so flattered when we were told it was too loud! Not by the listeners, but by the establishment! I’m giddy with pride. I think Boyanna gets the rock star award last night. Everyone played their asses off. If you haven’t heard the latest incarnation of neslort yet, you really need to. It is indeed, something to behold.

Wonga Winga!

Graças a Deus

It’s Sunday again, and I find myself rejoicing in the arrival of cooler weather here in New Orleans. I also find myself in similar moments of rejoicing uttering “Graças a Deus.” I learned to say this while I was in Brasil years ago, and now I find it a regular part of my vocabulary.

I have an aversion to the word “god.” It doesn’t sound godly at all to my ears. I imagine it hurts dog ears as well. After all, written backwards it does read “dog.” I see dogs as more “godly” than gods. Gods seem to get in the way of humanity where dogs aptly fit in and are essential parts to our being. I can’t remember a war that brought on by dogs. Conflicts, sure; but not all out wars. Just the word “god” is so un-poetic. If we all acted like dogs, the world would undoubtedly be a better place. Graças a Deus para caes.

This is the frequency

Do Not Adjust Yourself: The Frequency is Changing

New transmission arriving…

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