Glort (The Neslortian Glossary)

Question RealityNeslortians communicate in groups, using devices that are similar to today’s musical instruments. In fact, to Modern Ears, the language of Neslortia actually sounds quite similar to American Jazz with influences of Be-Bop, Fusion and Funk. Orations translate quite successfully as an equivalent of improvisational solos. Although Neslortians often use similar sounding themes (we call these “songs”) from session to session, these are never quite repeated in exactly the same manner. So to our ears this variety sounds like “live music.” Outside of these complex tonalities (and also gestures), verbal communication is relatively rare, often reserved for expressing cross cultural, conventional idioms and metaphors. But as we encounter accurate translations of Neslortian spoken language, we will make these available on this page.

Glort is actually the space between sounds that make all of life musical. The space cannot be seen, felt, tasted or heard. But, by the Native Aliens of Neslortia, it can indeed be smelled.

GlortinshnortIf one were to reverse the sounds with the Glort, this would be referred to as Glortinshnort. In the Terran system, on a small blue planet locally known as “Earth,” Glortinshnort is also an alcoholic beverage, locally known as a “shot.” For the ingredients, one must attend an upcoming musical performance of Neslort, the earthbound representatives of our planetariums.

Neslortia A planet. Presently, the exact location is debatable, but it is definitely outside of the Terran system. An era so ancient that it is now the future; A Consciousness; A muse; Spiritus Mundi; An inspiration; All of the above.

Neslorchestra  –   Spotaneous Glorts and Glortinshnorts emanating from a collection of as many as 17 or more Neslortians.  On earth, we might talk about such a gathering as a  “Jazz Orchestra”, especially when  playing in a style called Primordial Fusion.  Better yet, we might not say anything and instead experience A Primordial Epiphany.

Winga Wonga Hello, Hola, Alô, Salut, Ciào, Néih hóu, E karo, Hej, Moi, Aloha, Konnichi wa, Habari, Shalom, Marhaba, Sain baina uu?, Ya’at’eeh, Privet!, Namasté, Geia sou, Saluton, Ellohay, NuqneH?** Traditionally, a hand signal accompanies the spoken phrase.

Wonga Winga Goodbye, Adiós, Tchau, Au revoir, Ciào, Zai Jian, Ó dàbò, Hejdå, Hyvästi, Aloha, Ja ne, Haya, Shalom, Salaam, Bayartai, Hágoónee’, Poka, Namasté, Xaire, Ĝis la, ohsay onglay, vaj tIq** Traditionally, a hand signal accompanies the spoken phrase.

**The exact meaning is the summation of these English, Spanish, Portugese, French, Italian, Chinese, Yoruba, Swedish, Finnish, Hawaiian, Japanese, Swahili, Hebrew, Arabic, Mongolian, Navajo, Russian, Hindi, Ancient Greek, Esperanto, Pig Latin and Klingon Phrases.

This morning 5/28/2012 I recieved transmission of a new Neslortian word. The word is “yiktak” which is a measurement of time roughly equivalent to our “week” here on Earth.