The spirit and inspiration of the late Frances Vincent Zappa continues to rain down upon the planet, showering the sphere in the warm dewy wetness of his creativity and genius. Clearly caught in the downpour without an umbrella, overcoat, hat or galoshes is the New Orleans group, Neslort, a heady jazz-funk-whatever-you-make-of-it ensemble that recalls the mustachioed Mr. Zappa’s humorous operatic art-rock phase of the late 70’s. Mixing fink and jazz with a liberal dose of pleasantly sarcastic humor, the band displays a lot of what in the 70’s would have been called “chops” intricate horn chars followed by stretched out jams featuring plenty of all out blowing. And most importantly, as the band plays it’s impressive and innovative music, it does so without a whiff of pretense.

-James Lien