Neslorchestra Review 2022 Jazz Fest

From Alex Rawls @ My Spilt May 03, 2022
(See Alex’s report for the entire day here)

“…It’s a cause for celebration when anything uncommon gets to the Jazz Tent stage the way Rick Trolsen’s Neslorchestra did on Sunday afternoon. 

The Neslorchestra is an outgrowth of Neslort, Trolsen’s new wave/prog/alternative jazz band, blown up to 17 pieces to add a big band dimension. They played pieces from The Primordial Epiphany Suite and as so often happens when any of these groups play Jazz Fest, it’s not clear why there’s such an allergy to them. Trolsen broadens his musical palate by putting the sound of a rock guitar, bass and drums in his lineup, but it’s not a rock show. The players know the gig and add textures and energy that make sense in Trolsen’s compositions. 

I hear a Zappa influence in Trolsen’s Neslort music, and sometimes that translates to a fussiness I can take or leave. With the Neslorchestra and these compositions, that manifested as music that didn’t show any signs of strain melding genres. “The Tyrant’s Invitation,” for example, sounded like a soundtrack in search of a movie. 

Trolsen pulled together players from across the musical spectrum to bring their distinctive sounds and approaches to his music. On Sunday, the result was a rich, ambitious set that sounded like something you’d expect to hear at a Jazz Fest in New Orleans.”

Hold On. A Song For The Moment.

Hold On. A Song for the Moment. Click to Listen

Hold On
 © 2021 Rick Trolsen

Neslorchestra coming to Jazz Fest!

Rick Trolsen‘s Neslorchestra, an ensemble of 17+ of New Orleans’ finest musicians, will be on stage at the 50th Anniversary New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The group is scheduled to play on “Second Saturday” May 4, 2019. Performance time and the stage are to be announced.

Neslorchestra had its debut performance in January 2018 and recently released the album “The Primordial Epiphany” to positive reviews.

See more about the Jazz Fest’s May 4 Lineup here.

Primordial Epiphany

The Primordial Epiphany is the debut album of Neslorchestra and represents an evolutionary extension of bandleader Rick Trolsen’s well-regarded group Neslort.  Trolsen spent two years composing and rescoring new music as well recent favorites to create his suite and well crafted sonic stew of Rock, Blues, and Jazz with  of Folk and Classical   “Trolsen employs…the great unsung musicians of New Orleans to execute his vision of overdriven Zappa-esque fusion, tight 1970s big band charts, and lovely melodies and harmonies.” Offbeat Magazine


  1. A Tyrant’s Invitation
  2. March of the Native Alien
  3. Hell Hath Awaketh
  4. The Tyrant’s Invitation
  5. A Ballad for Mankind
  6. Naked Frustration
  7. Maniacal Hysteria
  8. The Gift

Dear New Orleans….From Rio

Rio de Janeiro 2002

Dear New Orleans,

There’s no easy way to say this, but I have found myself suddenly taken in love with another city. Her name is Rio.

Much like you New Orleans, the people here embrace their music. They sing along, dance, eat, drink and flirt with the music. They are part of the band…there are no boundaries between the listeners and the musicians.

The culture here is deep, and the people have not abandoned their roots. Tradition is practiced in social life as well as in their religions. They celebrate Carnival just like you do my dear Orleans; only many more people dress in their regalia, and it’s practiced all across the nation. The lust for Life here is strong, as it is with you.

The music here is full of joy, sorrow, pain, love & hope. It moves my heart. This night, I found myself on a crowded dance floor moving to the rhythms and absorbed in the sound, much of which my reasoning mind has no understanding of. It doesn’t matter, for my spirit has taken flight. I have found my passion.

Love Always, Rick

Offbeat Review: Neslort’s music is strikingly beautiful and well-played

This just in from the January 2010 Issue of Offbeat,
a Review of Neslort’s Mystical Scam Album:


Listen and Buy Mystical Scam

Mystical Scam – Click to Buy

“Neslort’s music is strikingly beautiful and well-played, shaped by Trolsen’s angular, chromatically dense arrangements and a level of performance from the band members that takes everything to another level. The rhythm section of Matt Perrine on electric bass, Larry Sieberth on keys and Boyanna Trayanova on drums is supple and precise as it drives the unorthodox time signatures and layered pulses that place Trolsen, saxophonist Kyle Cripps and guitarist Tim Robertson in such esoteric contexts. Trolsen’s soloing in the midst of these gems of creative whimsy recalls Zappa stalwart Bruce Fowler’s jaunty fights of fancy. His singing is also surprisingly good in a Greg Lake/Jack Bruce kind of way.”

See the complete review written by John Swenson by clicking on this link.

Update to Photo Galleries

French Quarter Fest Gallery © 2011 Scott Myers

Neslort’s performance at  the 2011 New Orleans French Quarter Festival is the subject of a recently uploaded gallery of photos by Scott Myers. See the selection on this site by clicking here.

(Even more of Scott’s Photos can be found here)

A Rifftides Review of Mystical Scam

Doug Ramsay

From the Respected Music Blog Rifftides, considered  one of the best blogs for Jazz Students.

Most reviews and articles about the leader of Neslort (spell it backward) begin, “Eccentric New Orleans trombonist Rick Trolsen…” The reasons for that are apparent in this CD. Equally evident is Trolsen’s and the sextet’s musicianship, which merges street funk, bebop, electronica, rhythm and blues, New Orleans parade pzazz and—as in all good gumbos—a mystery ingredient or two. Tim Robertson’s pliant guitar licks, Kyle Cripps’ saxophones, Matt Perrine’s bass and tuba, Larry Sieberth’s keyboards and the popping vigor of Boyanna Trayanova’s drumming complement Trolsen’s blowsy trombone and his vocals, reminiscent of David Clayton-Thomas.

See the review on-site here.

Sea of Tranquility Review

Mystical Scam – Click to Buy

A review of Mystical Scam …..

“Neslort has delivered a unique album that does not really sound like anything else I have heard recently and that is precisely what makes Mystical Scam such a satisfying listen”

“Neslort are a new Orleans band that are difficult to categorize considering they play a gamut of styles including funk, jazz, fusion, psyche and rock. The leader of the band is Rick Trolsen on trombone and vocals – you may have noticed Neslort is his last name spelled backwards. Other members of the band are Kyle Cripps (tenor, soprano saxophones), Tim Robertson (electric guitar), Larry Sieberth (keyboards), Matt Perrine (electric bass, tuba) and Boyanna Trayanova (drums).

“The band formed in 1991 only to break up in 1998. Their new comeback album Mystical Scam is an excellent listen. Their website proclaims “Primordial Fusion since 1991” and who am I to argue with that. Although the music is melodic, this is not an easy listen as there is a depth and complexity here that may take a few listens to fully appreciate.

“Trolsen’s trombone is all over this album which makes for an interesting sound as this is not something you hear very much in rock music. Three of the tracks contain vocals and I quite like Trolsen’s deep, soulful voice. The rest of the musicians are no slouches either and all do a fine job whether playing as a tight unit or adding snippets of improvisational jamming.”

See the entire review at the Sea of Tranquility website by clicking here

February Brings Many Shows and Many Videos

If  you haven’t used this month as reason to fill up on Primordial Fusion and experience Neslort Live,  there are still a couple of  opportunities to make it  happen.   Check out our calendar for Neslort at the Hi-Ho, Shamrock and Rock n Bowl.

New Videos from early February 2011 shows at the Blue Nile Lounge and Satchmo’s Jazz Cafe at Loyola have been added to the site; Additional captures of band members solos are being added as well, to the individual bio pages as well as a dedicated page.

Where Y’at Mystical Scam Review: “Wild musical journey that delivers”

See Where Y’at Online for this Review


Mystical Scam
Neslort Music BMI

Neslort brings a robust feeling of excitement and renewal to contemporary jazz releasing soulful joy on their latest, Mystical Scam. “March of the Native Alien” brings some funky rhythmic beats to the table which sounds more like something you’d find going down at the Maple Leaf or Blue Nile in the wee morning hours, while the title track, “Mystical Scam” brings you into a rockin’ psychedelic trip emblazoned with stellar organ vibes. From “I Found You,” to “The Yoga Rope Rag” and “After the Extinction,” this CD is a wild musical journey that delivers all the way. –J.J

Mystical Scam

Purchase Mystical Scam at Amazon

Mystical Scam marked Neslort’s return in 2010.  “Neslort’s music is strikingly beautiful and well-played, shaped by Trolsen’s angular, chromatically dense arrangements and a level of performance from the band members that takes everything to another level….Most of all, Neslort is an indication of the breadth and creativity of New Orleans musicians.” Offbeat Magazine Tracks:

  1. A Tyrant’s Invitation
  2. March of the Native Alien
  3. Mystical Scam
  4. I Found You
  5. Blues For Man’s Extinction
  6. Bedwetting For Example
  7. Picture
  8. The Noise
  9. The Yoga Rope Rag
10. After the Extinction

Mystical Scam CD Release Celebration: November 17th @ Blue Nile

CD Release Party Upcoming for Mystical Scam

Hey Ya’ll,

Click to Buy at Louisiana Music Factory!

We’re really excited to let you know that our “Mystical Scam” CD release celebration is scheduled for Wednesday, November 17th at the Blue Nile Lounge at 532 Frenchmen St. in New Orleans. The show begins at 10:00 pm.  The CD features the alternative jazz sound of Neslort. It was recorded in July, mixed and mastered at Misha Kachkachisvili’s studio in Metairie La., Axis Studio.

Featured are Larry Sieberth on keys, Tim Robertson on Guitar, Matt Perrine on Bass, Boyanna Trayanova on drums and Kyle Cripps on Tenor and Soprano Sax. Needless to say, the band is slammin’!

Also, if you can’t make that date, we will be playing at the Snug Harbor (626 Frenchmen St.) on Sunday, November 28th!

Please come out and be a part of the Neslort experience!

Look around this site for more info.   By the way, our store has now Primordial Infused Neslort T-shirts, Caps (and  soon stickers)!!  And you can get a sneak peak at the Enhanced CD portion of this release in our online video clips

Purchase and Download Mystical Scam at Threadhead Records Now

Wonga Winga!

PS…..You can purchase this album right now using links behind the images at right

It’s Coming….

Transmission = New Neslort Soon

I just received another transmission from Neslortia….

new Music is now imminent.

This may mean extended celebration in those communities that have been anxiously awaiting “The Return”.

You may want to start thinking about securing your place in line in that case….