Rio de Janeiro 2002

Dear New Orleans,

There’s no easy way to say this, but I have found myself suddenly taken in love with another city. Her name is Rio.

Much like you New Orleans, the people here embrace their music. They sing along, dance, eat, drink and flirt with the music. They are part of the band…there are no boundaries between the listeners and the musicians.

The culture here is deep, and the people have not abandoned their roots. Tradition is practiced in social life as well as in their religions. They celebrate Carnival just like you do my dear Orleans; only many more people dress in their regalia, and it’s practiced all across the nation. The lust for Life here is strong, as it is with you.

The music here is full of joy, sorrow, pain, love & hope. It moves my heart. This night, I found myself on a crowded dance floor moving to the rhythms and absorbed in the sound, much of which my reasoning mind has no understanding of. It doesn’t matter, for my spirit has taken flight. I have found my passion.

Love Always, Rick