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A Catalog of Rick’s Music – Starting with the Most Recent

Hold On. A Song For The Moment.

Hold On. A Song for the Moment. Click to Listen

Hold On
 © 2021 Rick Trolsen

Primordial Epiphany

The Primordial Epiphany is the debut album of Neslorchestra and represents an evolutionary extension of bandleader Rick Trolsen’s well-regarded group Neslort.  Trolsen spent two years composing and rescoring new music as well recent favorites to create his suite and well crafted sonic stew of Rock, Blues, and Jazz with  of Folk and Classical   “Trolsen employs…the great unsung musicians of New Orleans to execute his vision of overdriven Zappa-esque fusion, tight 1970s big band charts, and lovely melodies and harmonies.” Offbeat Magazine


  1. A Tyrant’s Invitation
  2. March of the Native Alien
  3. Hell Hath Awaketh
  4. The Tyrant’s Invitation
  5. A Ballad for Mankind
  6. Naked Frustration
  7. Maniacal Hysteria
  8. The Gift

Mystical Scam

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Mystical Scam marked Neslort’s return in 2010.  “Neslort’s music is strikingly beautiful and well-played, shaped by Trolsen’s angular, chromatically dense arrangements and a level of performance from the band members that takes everything to another level….Most of all, Neslort is an indication of the breadth and creativity of New Orleans musicians.” Offbeat Magazine Tracks:

  1. A Tyrant’s Invitation
  2. March of the Native Alien
  3. Mystical Scam
  4. I Found You
  5. Blues For Man’s Extinction
  6. Bedwetting For Example
  7. Picture
  8. The Noise
  9. The Yoga Rope Rag
10. After the Extinction