With the debut performance of Neslorchestra, New Orleans can now boast of a resident Rock & Jazz Big Band which swings with an eclectic 21st Century vibe.

It was for this group that composer and trombonist Rick Trolsen created “The Primordial Epiphany Suite”. The suite contains six movements of organic, original compositions in Trolsen’s definitive style called ”Primordial Fusion.”  Over the last two years, Rick has been writing new music and rescoring other recent favorites for a large ensemble. While new, Neslorchestra also represents an evolutionary extension of Rick’s well regarded group Neslort which features music once described within Offbeat as

“strikingly beautiful and well-played, shaped by Trolsen’s angular, chromatically dense arrangements and a level of performance from the band members that takes everything to another level”

Neslorchestra promises more of the same, but is even more expansive.  Rick has always composed music layered with intensely crafted themes. And as a form of Jazz, his music always reserves space for improvisational highlights.  His “Primordial Fusion”  is a sonic stew of Rock, Blues and Jazz…but he adds a bit of Folk and Classical into the blend of sounds too.   So now,  for the first time, Trolsen’s music has reached symphonic heights as a natural progression of Neslort’s 25 year old journey.

The Neslorchestra currently features Janna Saslaw, Ray Moore, Jason Danti, Joe Goldberg, Chris Kohl, Khari Lee Allen, Brent Rose, Kyle Cripps, Eric Bernhardt, Joe Cabral, Ian Smith, Eric Lucero, BJ McGibney, Nick Solnick, Tim Robertson, Bill Richards, and Rick Trolsen himself.

Nelorchestra -The Primordial Epiphany Album Now Available! Click here.

The Primordial Epiphany Suite by Rick Trolsen
Includes eight original compositions:

  • Primordial Fusion
  • March of the Native Alien
  • Hell Hath Awaketh
  • A Ballad for Mankind
  • The Tyrant’s Invitation
  • Naked Frustration
  • Maniacal Hysteria
  • The Gift

Video Selections from the Debut of Neslorchestra and The Primordial Epiphany:

Enjoy these audio extracts from Neslorchestra:

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