New Orleans Po’Boys

trolsen-CD015New Orleans Po’Boys on October 2013 at the Gulf Jazz Society’s 13th Annual Jazzfest.


The New Orleans Po’Boys were reminiscent of the renowned “George Girard and his New Orleans Five” that lit up Bourbon St. as a regular fixture in the 1950s at the Famous Door.  The Po-Boys’ repertoire of both familiar and obscure New Orleans music was presented in a fiery and often humorous style.  The virtuosity of each of the six members of the group yielded an unsurpassed ensemble blend, creative instrumental solos, and a wonderful contrast of vocal styles from the three vocalists in the group.  Last but not least, Rick’s wife, Barbara organized and trained a credible band of 2nd line strutters that added to the audience’s complete enjoyment of each of the three sets.  If you’re hungry for great New Orleans jazz, the Po-Boys are as good as it gets!        Larry Fletcher, Executive Director, Gulf Jazz Society, Panama City, Florida