The subject of nothing is something that is rarely discussed.  Jerry Seinfeld’s long running sitcom, is perhaps the most exemplified demonstration of the such in today’s western culture. Indeed, speaking of nothing, contradicts the entire subject.  “Nothing is sacred” is an essential concept in Zen. Emptiness (sunyata) is not “a stuff out of which all things are, rather it is the fact that no immutable substance exists and none underlies phenomena. We all come from nothing, hence, we all return to nothing. But in our worldly existence of what we accept as reality, nothing matters immeasurably. Imagine a speaker incessantly addressing a subject, or a piece of music that never pauses. We all have friends, that in conversation, never “come up for air.” What fun would be fishing, if we didn’t have to wait for the catch? Effective communication cannot proceed in such an manner. Imagine never sleeping, constantly working, never taking a break while eating a meal. Nothing is something we all need, especially in these days of gargantuan material desires and gratification. Anyone with a minimal amount of awareness knows that it is just this very behavior, that is destroying our societies.