The fight for survival in the world of music “industry” (God! I hate that word) lies solely on money. Music alone; has no chance of popularity unless several people are on the payroll. Commercial music nowadays is exactly that, commercials. When I refer to “commercial” music, I don’t intend to say that it’s all bad or otherwise unworthy. Although I don’t enjoy most of it, it has it’s place. My issue with this music is that it’s the only music that is exposed to the greater population. Here in New Orleans, things are somewhat different. There is a great number of musicians playing, recording, touring and actually selling their own music without a team of executives deciding on what is “good” music. But even then, it’s an uphill struggle.

Being a musician who enjoys a more unpopular taste of music, I find that most listeners have already decided what they enjoy before ever hearing anything different.

I have been trying to make a go of it with my original music for many years. I have exhausted my efforts in trying to present my own music. I understand that my music is not necessarily palatable. But then again, is Life always palatable? In terms of “Art reflects Life,” I have always considered my music as being that kind of reflection. I remember once while my band, “Neslort” was playing for a group of young kids. After the song had finished, I asked for volunteers to describe what they heard. Immediately, this young girl raised her hand and responded with…”confusion.” I loved it. It was a compliment to me that such a child could pick up on that. I just wish I could remember what song we were playing…

Anyhow, after several years of this experience, at least for the moment, I have withdrawn my efforts. For the last few years I have been a bit reclusive. I have only been playing for money. The creative music has been on hold. As well, certain personal issues have played a role.

These days, I have re-invented myself as a crooning pianist, and I’m loving it. It’s good to play for people the songs they enjoy. When I see smiling faces, I feel fulfilled. This; I see as my future. However, I just completed recording a new composition of my own. It’s actually a 5 piece chamber group. Who knows where this will lead to…#@!*?